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Chemical Auxiliary Agent
Place of Origin:
Seoul, South Korea
Leather Auxiliary Agents


NP#8 is Polyoxy ethylene oxid high alcohol ether and specific active agent

NP#8 is Polyoxy ethylene oxid high alcohol ether and specific active agent, Have excellent penetration, cleaning, emulsification, dispersion, soluble effect, so show great ability in scouring and degrease against wool cellulous fiber, artificial leather, metal etc.


APPEARANCE : Colorless transparent liquid
ION : Nonion
PH : 7(1% sol)


Imparting good emulsification and dispersion penetrate active to mineral oil, animal/vegetable oil, and various kinds of oil. So, it has good effect as scouring clean agent against any kind of fibers.
In the process of Wool scouring, do not damaged by Soda-Ash or Soap. It has good resistance to acid and alkali, decreasing scouring time.

In order to gen fine even dyeing of initial dye. Use 0.1~0.2g/Liter amount to various dye bath to prevent dye soil. Owing to have fine detergency and moistness, it shows brilliant effect when used 0.5g/Liter in sizing bath.
Against VAT dye stuff, in reduction dye bath non-level usually happen because be accelerate rapid dyeing. In case of if it used 0.2~0.3g/Liter, it will increase the leveling and retardant to dispersion a color former.


Generally it is suitability using for 0.1~0.2g/liter according to dyeing goods.